Introducing project

 Hello, i'm Necdet and i am going to talk about activity of our last week.

 In hungary every highschool student have to work 15 hours as a volunteer before they graduate. So we went to a mall called Korzo and there were a lot of another organization. The students visited organization stands one by one and i talked about my english club and guitar lessons with them.

First trip

  Hello, my name is Necdet. I'm from Turkey. I'm the new volunteer of HUMAN-NET Foundation. This is our third week and i want to talk about our first trip.

On the trip morning i was excited about that trip because we were going to visit a castle. I had visited severel castle in my country and these trips were very enjoyable. We departed from Nyíregyhàza with a bus. After a long way finally we arrived to the Diósgyőr castle which is located in Miskolc. It was quite good. It wasn't the biggest one that i have ever seen but anyway i very liked it because it had been reflecting totally a diffrent culture. I walked through walls and rooms. When we climbed up the tower, view was beautiful.

After the castle we went to Tarcal lake. We had to walk for go there but it was totally worth it. When i reached the lake, i experienced a great view of nature. Then we returned back. Trip was very enjoyable.


Me and Fernando                     Me and Lara

                                                                               Room of the castle

( as a knight :D)
and Anikó

Tarcal lake

EVS promo in Leonardo, language school

Almost all last week was in mood of promotion. Me, Ana and Daniel (but Dan just once, he was on his holiday, again). were the main promoters of EVS in Nyíregyháza. Oh yeah :D And I don´t have to forget Peter, the main Translator and Speaker. We start on Monday, 26th September, but continue on Tuesday and finish on Friday 30th. with our last classroom.
Peter said this kind of school take 2 years and basically it´s a preparation for a future job or university. For example, the first classroom was full of girls, but I don´t remember their field of study, whatever, they were very interested in what we said and took our Erasmus+ promoting posters with elan and fervor. Our second classroom was interested even more. I asked them what they are studying - Finance. "We are couting a lot" they said at first time, and for uncomprehending reason they start to laugh. Ok. Then my presentation began. Peter was always the first one, then Ana and then me. I really enjoyed this promo.

Actually, still one class left. On Friday, the IT class. Full of boys and only one girl? Seriously. These kind of guys were friendly but loud, were not into a subject we came with, unfortunately. I almost started to think about my high school years.
Completely necessary is to mention a very helpful teacher who was with us and introduced us to a classrooms everytime we have been there. And after our last promo hour when everybody left for lunch I´ve talked with the only one teacher who is speaking english in all staff there. Their english teacher. Nice young woman. :)
 Peter had a lot to say as well, he used to be a volunteer in Spain. He speaked about his experience there and showed some photos. Me and Ana speaked what are we doing here, about our activities and why we choose to come here to Hungary.

 Have a great day and see you soon. *A*


EVS Mid-Term Training in Göd, Pest

Time is running out very fast. We have been on Arrival training just yesterday, weren´t we? Wait, it´s more then 4 months ago and time for Mid-Term training came. Just now. Time to go to Budapest again. Time to meet many new people from all around Europe, but see the old ones as well. Time to enjoy last beautiful summer weather of this year in hotel´s pool, and maybe turn more brown under the sun?! But we had a lot of activities, not that much time for doing nothing like I would love to do all the time. Time, what a precious treasure. At least we were not bored. These activities we did were for our own good. Trainers worked hard to share their knowledge and experiences to us. Point is to make us think more deeply and realize our strenghts and weaknesses. To make us think over our dreams and find out if we actually do what we really want to achieve and do. What about your life? When you see yourself in a year from now? Are you fighting for your bright future? What are you proud of and why? Are you a survivor, team worker, leader. Who are you?

Our EVS program is about to end in a month and I start to feel like there are still a lot of things to do and: Time is just running out very fast. See you next week. With ♥ *A*.