EVS promo in Leonardo, language school

Almost all last week was in mood of promotion. Me, Ana and Daniel (but Dan just once, he was on his holiday, again). were the main promoters of EVS in Nyíregyháza. Oh yeah :D And I don´t have to forget Peter, the main Translator and Speaker. We start on Monday, 26th September, but continue on Tuesday and finish on Friday 30th. with our last classroom.
Peter said this kind of school take 2 years and basically it´s a preparation for a future job or university. For example, the first classroom was full of girls, but I don´t remember their field of study, whatever, they were very interested in what we said and took our Erasmus+ promoting posters with elan and fervor. Our second classroom was interested even more. I asked them what they are studying - Finance. "We are couting a lot" they said at first time, and for uncomprehending reason they start to laugh. Ok. Then my presentation began. Peter was always the first one, then Ana and then me. I really enjoyed this promo.

Actually, still one class left. On Friday, the IT class. Full of boys and only one girl? Seriously. These kind of guys were friendly but loud, were not into a subject we came with, unfortunately. I almost started to think about my high school years.
Completely necessary is to mention a very helpful teacher who was with us and introduced us to a classrooms everytime we have been there. And after our last promo hour when everybody left for lunch I´ve talked with the only one teacher who is speaking english in all staff there. Their english teacher. Nice young woman. :)
 Peter had a lot to say as well, he used to be a volunteer in Spain. He speaked about his experience there and showed some photos. Me and Ana speaked what are we doing here, about our activities and why we choose to come here to Hungary.

 Have a great day and see you soon. *A*


EVS Mid-Term Training in Göd, Pest

Time is running out very fast. We have been on Arrival training just yesterday, weren´t we? Wait, it´s more then 4 months ago and time for Mid-Term training came. Just now. Time to go to Budapest again. Time to meet many new people from all around Europe, but see the old ones as well. Time to enjoy last beautiful summer weather of this year in hotel´s pool, and maybe turn more brown under the sun?! But we had a lot of activities, not that much time for doing nothing like I would love to do all the time. Time, what a precious treasure. At least we were not bored. These activities we did were for our own good. Trainers worked hard to share their knowledge and experiences to us. Point is to make us think more deeply and realize our strenghts and weaknesses. To make us think over our dreams and find out if we actually do what we really want to achieve and do. What about your life? When you see yourself in a year from now? Are you fighting for your bright future? What are you proud of and why? Are you a survivor, team worker, leader. Who are you?

Our EVS program is about to end in a month and I start to feel like there are still a lot of things to do and: Time is just running out very fast. See you next week. With ♥ *A*.

English Club Quiz and Czech Movie Night

HI :) everyone. How are you? Good? Great!

Few articles back I write about our meetings we have. We call it English club and basically, point is to practise english in converstation and talk. But that is not all. We put it to a new level, because it was never just a simple talking, we always played some games. And one day, one Wednesday, was up to me to create this session nice and interesting. And my idea was: 

Tongue Twister game. Here you have a sentences we read. Point of a game was made as less mistakes as you can and you will win, you get Bounty :D. Our winner for this game was our supervisor and hungarian teacher - Andi. Only 2 hiccups. Can you beat her?


1. A propper cup of coffe from a proper copper coffe pot.

2. Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary menagerie.

3. The Smothers brother´s father´s mother´s brothers are the Smothers brother´s mother´s father´s other brothers.

4. How many yaks could yak pack pack if a yak pack could pack yaks?

5 . A skunk sat on a stump. The stump thought the stump stunk.

6. Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better.

7. Sinful Caesar sipped his snifter, seized his knees, and sneezed.

8. A truly rural frugal ruler´s mural.

9. What time does the wristwatch strap shop shut?

10. The sawingest saw I ever saw was the saw I saw in Arkansas.

11. I saw Susie sitting in a shoe shine shop. Where she sits she shines and where she shines she sits.

12. Silly Sally swiftly shooed seven silly sheeps. The seven silly sheeps Silly Sally shooed.

 One more game. Knowledge questions quiz. We had 8 ones and 7 correct answers had Andi again. And for one more time, second Bounty bar came to her. She shared, everybody had a small piece of this yummi. And the others were jealous :D. Do you know wich fairy tale character has a wings? And do you know the capital of Turkey? We also learned a new english vocabulary with this game like: parts of a tree and differences between cherries and human´s organs.
Lets move on. I would never expected I will present a czech classical and very famous movie in Hungary in my life. Actually, everywhere in the world. I really didn´t know it´s also very popular here. Do you know this trilogy? Sun, hay and (strawberries, few slapes, erotic)? I don´t think so, well US? Yes, we do. In hungarian its - Nap széna eper what we watched. In hungarian. (Personally it sound very strange to me, I always watched it in original language, czech). With english subtitles. Wasn´t that enjoyable, honestly. Subtitles run to fast. But it is a comedy with very specific sence of humor. And we also prepared a lot of snacks for us. We were full, didn´t eat it all.

 Have a great day and see you all soon. Next article will be post by Daniel. He will share his experience about our Mid-Term training in Göd, Pest. With ♥ Andy

Czech and Hungarian Day

"Tell me where you are from and I will tell you who you are."

 Basically, this smart adage originally sounds like this: Tell me what you read and I will tell you who you are. But in this case, I decided to applicate it for our special event we had. I am from Czech Republic, very small country in the middle of Europe, nobody knows :) Yes. And this little country has its own culture and habits. This day was great oppurtunity to show, to tell and to do something what is normal in my land. First of all - Preparation. A lot of work to cut all the vegetables and all the cheese and bring salats and something to drink, arrange it on table somehow like nobody will have it to far from his seat, then chairs and plug a connectors for presentation, and don´t forget all the dishes we  had to clean later and all the lefts we had to eat. Because:
Now, at this photo you can see how we overstrived and yet, we were full after 5 minutes of eating.

 It worth it. From what you look at the photo we made these beautiful and colorful snack: Many options how to make it. The more colorful it is, the more it´s czech. This is how we eat it. This dish you may find in meetings and events all over the country, from simple family celebration to business consultations. Are you hungry now? Be hungry, because it´s delicious. I am now. But I´m always hungry, so. Don´t count it.

 Presentation of my country was very short, just because I really want to start to eat as soon as possible. I told to my audience some basic information about my country. The capital city, currency, president, parts, national food and clothes. With the food we start to talk more about the food (typical soups and sauses) and also I mentioned some famous czech celebrities.
 It was Hungarian day as well. I don´t know what we eat. It was also very typical and ordinary food here in Hungary. You need : Bread, purple onion, very weird orange butter with cottage cheese and spicy sausage. It looks like this and it´s very tasty:

Thank you *A*

Unusual Hungarian Lesson

You understand, when you learn a new language, you sitting at chair, writing down some notes about grammar, new vocabulary, you read a text with new letters, and so on. But sometimes, when you get tired of all of this, and when you have teacher like us, you will get distraction.
This distraction has "COOKING" form. Well, we did not actually cook, but we learned a recipe and make a tasty snack. And yeah, we eat it, of course.

Banana lollipop

Ingredients: Banana, honey, shredded coconut, knife, small wooden stick, bowl.

Preparation: Cut banana in half, tag banana on wooden stick, cover banana by honey and then put into a bowl with shredded coconut. Leave in fridge for 10 minuts. Done.

 And it wasn´t all. Before we played a quiz. We looked for a words (in hungarian) on hanged puzzles. These puzzles are very special. Its full of very cheerful and nice words. Like: Kindness, Hope, Peace and Truth. And also in 5 languages: French, English, Hungarian, German and Spanish.
Isn´t it wonderful? These puzzles was made by previous volunteers and by Andi, our supervisor and hungarian teacher. Thank them and Peter for creating a quiz.:) Oh, by the way the Crossword was Volunteering! (Önkéntesség)




One friday of July I joined to the service of food distribution for disadvantaged people with my colleages of Human-net Foundation Aniko and Erika. At seven o'clock picked us up by our partner Andris with the Foundation's car, and then we went to pick up our colleague Erika to go to Metro Hypermarket. 

When we arrived there, they gave us many boxes and bags with many different kind of foods. There we had many time to distributing foods according to their type and evenly in bags for later delivery them. This work took us about 30 minutes. Then we started our way to the first destination.

We went one by one handing out food bags, mostly in poor neighborhoods and in a residence. There we talked with people who told us about their concerns and some difficulties of their daily lives. It was obvious that they also needed to be heard. Most of them did not have an easy life. After every delivery we came back to the office around Ten o clock at the evening.

The best of this task was the gratitude from the people for the work we did and the satisfaction of having helped some people who need with these temporary aid that have been received with open arms.


                                                                                                    Daniel Riveiro. EVS volunteer at                                                                                                                      Human-Net Foundation

Trip to High Tatras (Slovakia)

Me, János, Szabolcs and Attila spend a day on hiking trip in Slovakia. Just us 4. Well, Ana really wanted to join, but our mentor said this trip is moved on direffent date. Misunderstanding only. Hahah, but no need to be sad, because she bought 2 days ticket for Campus Fesztivál in Debrecen that day. Maybe she will let you know about this experience soon, she really enjoyed it.
Meanwhile I was in north part of Slovakia. Our meetup was at 4 a.m., very early. But at least I wasn´t the one who had to drive. After 4 hours in car we appear in paradise. Beautiful nature everywhere you look. Very beautiful place. But I think the photos I made that day will tell you more.
The Top of a mountain we hiked (and climbed too) is called Kriváň - 2 495 m.
Don´t ask me if I would repeat this trip. NO. It was wonderful, but I am glad I stayed alive. It was very difficult to me, someone who is not hiking regularly. On way back I asked myself (all way down) how can I did it?! Impossible. But it worth it.